– coloring is to add color or paint to an image. Coloring activities are activities that are very suitable to be applied to kindergarten age children, because coloring is a fun activity.

Coloring and drawing activities are both the fruits of learning and understanding a child. Both function to help develop the intelligence of the child’s brain, especially to train the right brain in the arts. However, both have different outputs. Coloring produces a color creation while drawing produces a shape that fits the child’s imagination.

Coloring and drawing is very good if it is introduced early by pre-school age children, but we must remember, never forbid children to create their imagination. Both in terms of coloring and in drawing. For example, when a child draws a ball in the shape of a box, don’t be banned, scolded or dictated. Let the imagination develop itself. It is better to give an award first and then explore the reason why he chose the color and draw the shape. We will be amazed and amazed to hear that because their answers are a reflection of his imagination.